copyright 2015, CHRISTIAN ARTIST —————–
Alandrax walked to the foothills outside the small village on stormy nights. The lightning would create strange colors on the foothill canyon walls and momentary light images as it streaked downward or across the sky. For a fraction of a second, this time, she thought she saw the lightning create a cross shape. She stood stunned as the forceful wind buffeted her body. Had she really seen the cross or was it just her imagination. She suddenly felt the presence of God around her and through her, warming her spiritually. She didn’t want to leave, even though it was starting to rain and the risk of being struck by lightning was a reality, but she felt protected by God. She wondered if this image would affect her daily life, and then she realized that it already had. Her thoughts and feelings had been redirected towards God. In the past she had only occasionally walked to the old church, down the path, for prayer, but now she knew she would do it every morning. Finally her body became extremely cold; so she quickly walked back to her home. She stood by the wood stove to warm up as she relived in her mind the lightning cross. Her clothes were wet; so she took them off, laying them across the back of a nearby chair. When completely naked she felt the heat on her lower body and turned around slowly to warm herself. She looked down to see her nipples hard and erect and goose bumps all over her breasts and abdomen. Chills went through her body. She quickly ran towards her closet for her robe, which passed a full length mirror. When she saw herself, she stopped and stood in a crucified position as on the cross she had seen. Confusing thoughts went through her mind about Christ, sacrifice and her sensuous sexual body. She grabbed her cell phone camera and set the angle to take a selfie picture of herself in the mirror in the naked crucified position. After putting on her red robe she sat in her chair covered with blankets and wrapped herself up as she looked at the picture just taken. She fell asleep wondering about the meaning of her existence, the cross, the lightning, sacrifice, her beautiful naked body and prayer at the Church.

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