copyright 2015, CHRISTIAN ARTIST —————–
Alandrax began having spiritual insights. When she went out into the night and hiked to the foothills, she saw openings in the clouds flowing over the mountains. She would become mesmerized by the colors and movement of the clouds. Once there was a split, and she saw into another universe, knowing this intuitively. Then she remembered reading that scientists were becoming aware of the possibility of alternate univereses. Peering into the distant darkness, “she saw mansions.” CHRIST did say, God theFather, was preparing heavenly mansions for his people. Alandrax went out every evening after that experience. It was the second time she had seen spiritual/physical visions. As she walked back to her adobe home, she wondered how these visual events would affect her life. She was in her mid-twenties and very arroused by her sexuality and physical existence. As she stood in her bedroom, standing in front of her mirror, she felt a tingling sensation from her nipples down into her vagina. The visions had actually stimulated her instead of depressing her sexuality. She slowly removed her clothes as she watched in the mirror. She praised God for creating her sensuous beautiful body, as she began caressing herself. Her mind flashed back to the split in the clouds and she now saw within her mind, herself floating into the distant universe.

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