copyright 2015, CHRISTIAN ARTIST —————–
After two spiritual/sexual experiences, Alandrax felt a unity within herself. On a moonless midnight, Alandrax removed all her clothes and stepped outside her front door into the cool breeze. She had walked the path to the foothills many times and was certain of the different obstacles of rocks and crevasses. She felt the enjoyment of being naked in nature, walking a great distance from her home. She reached her usual large granite rock and leaned against as she could see the foothills and mountain silouetted against the star lit sky. Her body began to feel cold; so she rubbed her hands over her breasts, abdomen, stomach and legs. When she was about to leave, clouds out of nowhere began swirling over the foothills. They seemed to have their own inner colored lights. Then the winds picked up around her and she felt their power. Feeling like she was about to be pushed over onto the ground she reached for a nearby tree branch, but before she touched it, she went “upward” with the swirling wind. She could now see her naked body because of the lights in the clouds. There were two dark tunnels on either side of her as she was lifted higher and higher. She looked at one because voices, screams and moans were emanating from it. No longer feeling cold, Alandrax knew she was within the clouds with God, and felt his warmth, inner joy and great peace. She was not embarrassed about God seeing her naked because he had created her. She felt sensations all over her body and in her body. She learned about how to “be with” and stimulate herself for pleasure and how to help others find the unity of spiritual/sexual, as she went “upward.” She woke up the next morning in her bed, naked, but covered with beautiful colored blankets.

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