I SEE ———

copyright 2015, CHRISTIAN ARTIST —————–
Alandrax became interested in art when another artist said it was a way to learn to “see” more accurately. Her life became more enriched when she saw the differences in colors, shapes, textures and lighting. The ability to see then spilled over into all the other areas of life including the spiritual. The old adobe church down the road became interesting to her. She now saw the textures and colors of the afobe, the weathered and white paint pealing crosses, the interior undulations of the walls, the detail in the paintings and sculptures and the light changes in the flickering of the lit candles at the altar. She also became more aware of her own bodies colorings, textures and sensations when touched, which made her a better lover with other people. She wanted to express through art what she saw in nature, within the church and within her home. People became more interesting, their expressions, clothing, their differences in skin colors and textures from face to chest to sexual areas. When she painted a female or male naked model, she saw so much more than before and they responded to her intense attention and seeing, through reddening and blushing of the flesh, arrousal and erection of nipples and penis, goosebumps and the expession of affection and love, which is why artists and models frequently have continued relationships, including sex. She saw how a man’s penis changed colors as it became long, hard and erect and penetrated her, and how her body reacted. She felt the “creative spiritual connection” during physical orgasm. She felt and saw unity in all things.

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