copyright 2015, CHRISTIAN ARTIST —————–
As many artists think, “it is up to the artist to explore lights and doors,” to delve deeply into the caverns of the mind, heart and soul. Artists may seem distant or strange, but many have seen places unknown to the average person. They have reveled in shadows and mystical lights, creations and creatures around colored corners. What they bring back to the usual world is mainly an awareness of other dimensions as they try and share what they have seen and felt. Add the spiritual realm and the complexities becomome greater, but there is an overall guide, Jesus Christ. The Christian artist is experiencing the fullness of creation, seen and unseen. There is so much more to life than then the physical world, which can lead to boredom after it has been seen. It is time then to look into the other “lights and doors.” One of the greatest is the combination of spirituality and sexuality. Where they merge offers pathways into incredible arousing enrichment and fulfillment, from touch to inspiration to inner peace, joy and ultimate relief and satisfaction. Once again, Be aware of other “lights and doors.”

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