copyright 2015, CHRISTIAN ARTIST —————–
Who could not be affected by naked art modeling, students or the model. It is the best and most difficult subject to draw or paint. After many supervised art classes and student organized sessions, it is easy to think nakedness is alright, at least for art. Many classes now have the students take turns being naked, which really convinces a person that nakedness is normal. Art shows frequently have artists exhibiting drawings and paintings of naked people. To cover the embarrassment, a little, the word nude is used instead of naked, but everyone can see the nakedness anyway. The “true” artist has drawn nakedness and probably been on the platform naked too. “It is the life of art,” but still offends or surprises most observers, especially the male nakedness with penis, sometimes erect, and testicles. There are many different occupations and endeavors in life and art is just one of them. Try to accept and respect the artists who have seen, drawn and modeled naked themselves all their lives. Now add the sacrifice and honesty of Christianity within the arts and you have another level of nakedness, sensuous and religious.

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