copyright 2015, CHRISTIAN ARTIST —————–
After two thousand years of rewriting and editing by people with their own purposes and perspectives, the Bible has only “fragments” of the truth. Primaliy left out is that God is the Creator and works with creativity or the creative process, which is about constant change, which the left brained Church organizers dislike. The primary force is “love” within relationships, God being first loved, and these relationships grow and develop creatively towards fulfillment, enrichment and completion. Unique individual identities and personalities are all part of God or they wouldn’t exist. God is willing, through a relationship, to guide everyone towards a realization of their uniqueness for the glory of God and the individual, even if the Church or world disapproves. Creativity is the force within God, the Creator, and is constantly developing and growing, which will never be seen or understood by the “fragments” we all have heard about in Church.

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