copyright 2015, CHRISTIAN ARTIST —————–
The pure white light of God illuminates the church window and is refracted revealing all the other colors within it, reminding everyone that every color is important to create the pure white light. When the light doesn’t reach within, there is darkness, even within the Church. Passion red, intellect blue, yellow enlightenment and earthy green and spiritual royal purple all are expressed within pure white light. I’ve only experienced all these colors together within Christian artists, from the earthiness of sexuality and nakedness to the red passion of expression through blue intellect and yellow enlightenment, guided by the spiritual. So many of the artists living in the little villages of New Mexico value their old adlobe churches and even if a priest only comes by two or three times a year or not at all, they pray at the altars many times a week. They look out the windows at God’s pure white light from above and give thanks for his guidence and reminder that every color is important within their artwork and in the life activities of the people they see around them. Whether they paint basic spiritual nakedness, male and female, or the robes of spiritual royalty, they praise God in the heavens whenever they see the “church window.”

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