DRAW ME ——————–

copyright 2015, CHRISTIAN ARTIST —————–
The advantage of being drawn by an artist in her studio was the window light and the colorful bedspread and the many other objects in the room. She had already started a painting on the canvas, but just included herself and me naked into the composition. She had very small breasts, but her nipples were erect. She insisted on including the penis to clarify the maleness versus female. This was a very cosy warm environment within her studio, full of light and shadows, textures, shapes and colors. I could live within this enriching space. In fact she invited me to stay, but my life was elsewhere. She put the painting in a frame and hung it on the wall to dry. We then reclined on the bed feeling the mood of the painting and her studio. I caressed her naked sensuous body until we both went to sleep in the warm colored sheets and blankets. As I closed my eyes I saw a “cross” on the wall within all the “art,” in this old “New Mexico” adobe home.

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