copyright 2015, CHRISTIAN ARTIST —————–
The physical disappears within the spiritual, yes, you can’t hide in your clothes. The only thing you can hope for is a spiritual shadow. We have the opportunity in this physical life to discover and learn about the spiritual, where “everyone” will be spending most of their existence, but few people do. The Bible almost hides the truth, only those who read the Bible over and over discover the “truth.” And those people usually share it with others, but it usually falls on deaf ears, for fear, and lack of interest. Only a couple verses give a clue, one says “the truth is understood by the minds understanding of created things.” Creativity offers in-depth truth. The page at the top of this web site explains in more detail labeled, “The Creator” for those interested. The world is coming to a spiritual climax with the major war about to erupt in the Middle East. CHRIST may come before or during this event and the spiritual realm will be the key players, good and evil. We are all witnessing the evil growing around the world right now. It is time to learn about the “unknown spiritual.”

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