copyright 2015, CHRISTIAN ARTIST —————–
Alandrax was always asking me to pose naked for her. It reminded me of when my Mother asked me to pose naked for her when I was seventeen, in a crucified position. She didn’t like males; so i’m not sure if she asked me to pose because of her anger towards males or if she thought I would make a good model. Anyway, after many nude art classes at the university and a few student organized classes where the students took turns being the naked model, to save money, I finally wondered if I could be a naked model. I always thought I would want to be a model “if the purpose was worthwhile.” When Alandrax started painting spiritual content, I finally agreed to pose, but felt inadequate because I wasn’t muscular or well endowed sexually, but she said she wanted an average appearance. She painted in great detail usually; so she captured my smaller penis and testicles exactly. At least I was relatively slender, she didn’t like overweight. This experience with her solidified my partial occupation as a naked model/artist. And as with most naked models I talked with, I had the family abuse in my past; so I felt the abuse everytime I modeled naked, it’s what made posing naked possible. A psycology student once asked me if she could write a paper about my artist/model experiences; so I went to the psycology dept. and talked with her. Everything is anyomous, of course; so I never read the final results. I’m sure she stuck some negative labels on me, because that’s frequently what they do. Being a naked model gave me an expanded perspective on life, I sacrificed myself for art and for someone who needed me, it was a humbling experience. Most everyone could benefit from this type of activity, but most everyone also wants to be the Creator, in charge, not the sacrificed or helper. “Being a naked model can be enriching , full of emotional passion, intellectually expanding, socially rewarding, physically and sexually stimulating, (“if the purpose is worthwhile.” )

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