copyright 2015, CHRISTIAN ARTIST —————–

The creative “spirit flow” initiates, stimulates and maintains life. All the aspects of existence from the spiritual to the physical, including the sexual are filled with energy. God walked with his naked creations in the cool of the evening and desires to do the same now, but we have blocked and hidden ourselves from a relationship with our Creator, God. Return to that childlike innocence through prayer every day and by reading his words in the Bible, but most of all find God within yourself, in your mind, heart and soul and once again you will experience within your spirit, emotions, intellect, social life, physical being and sexuality an enrichment, fulfillment and completion. The full creative life is opened to us if we look towards God and choose to pick up our cross daily, which is love and sacrifice for other people and nature. Invite the spirit to flow towards and into you. Put your hand into the flow and feel the stimulation from spiritual to sexual.

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