BEAST ————

copyright 2015, CHRISTIAN ARTIST —————–

The “Beast” is among us and we love and hate it, the computer. His horns stick up around our homes and businesses, the communication towers. Soon the beast will turn on us through the guidence of the “anti-CHRIST,” and we are already helpless and vulnerable. Two thousand years ago men had visions of what we are now living with, but didn’t understand what they saw, just what the nature was of the beast, to devour. People can’t wait to purchase the latest offerings of the computer beast, as we become more and more entertained and reliant on it. When everyone is forced to submit to a computer chip under their skin, in will not be so amusing. There is no way to stop the comperter beasts movement, the only alternative is a relationship with God. The computer beast is similar to the water rising in Noah’s day. God saved his people from the flood, and God will save his people now. Find the true creator, God, within yourself, now!

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