copyright 2015, CHRISTIAN ARTIST —————–

“What’s next” to come out of the dark hole of evil. Every day we hear about shootings and killings in shopping malls, cafes, theaters, schools or in the streets. It is the most important event happening on this earth right now, but it is difficult to focus on because we all have our individual lives that we are trying to work out. I guess, I will always be plagued with the abuse from my childhood and the accompanying lingering problems, until CHRIST returns; so I talk about art, religion and New Mexico and how they all got entangled within my personality, spiritual, emotional, intellectual, social, physical and sexual. The killings and wars get my attention for awhile every day, but I still need to live within myself and health problems, on the survival mode. God gave me the picture of the beast in the preceding post; so I needed to write about the beast, which is the most important happening event right now, then it’s back to my other enjoyments and problems. Even within my personal life I ask, “what’s next?”

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