UNKNOWN ——————-

copyright 2015, CHRISTIAN ARTIST —————–
Mental health specialists can only speculate about human behavior. Our spiritual souls, the foundation for our personalities, may be billions of years old and may have been influenced by uncountable forces. We are born with a physical body on earth and wander and search for answers, which can never be found in the physical realm. Alandrax, a longtime friend, wondered way she was so fascinated with her own body, which she painted pictures of over and over, being constantly aware of how she felt when naked, how she felt when other people saw her naked. Yes, she wanted to reveal herself, to be known, but the true deep motivation eluded her. She was an artist, which was another question, and was obsessed with expressing herself, but to this day still has no real understanding “why” she needs to express herself or what “exactly” she wants to express. It is an unknown. At first she thought sexuality held the answer, but it wasn’t, it was so much more than her body parts feeling sexually aroused. The last few times I visited her in her rural adobe home we spent hours thinking and talking about what life was all about and how to express it, which included posing for each other naked and analyzing what we felt when naked. It was one of the basic and most powerful experiences in life, being naked, but probably only artists delve deeply into it. We always included God in our discussions, which ultimately led to our resolution. We are creators, made in the image of God, and as such feel the need and desire to create, which humanity has done. The answer to our questions of purpose lie within God’s purposes. To find the answers requires a relationship with our Creator, who created us for his purposes. Alandrax and I continue doing what we think and do, being aware constantly of any further insight into “why?”

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