copyright 2015, CHRISTIAN ARTIST —————–
You can lean on the golden rail and look down on earth within the spiritual realm. Exercise and meditation classes usually have you visualize some type of perfection. Within the spiritual you can see the earth from heavenly clouds. I’ve learned that when within the spiritual there is no awareness of clothes or other restraining garments; so there is a sense of being naked, but it feels right and natural, which is one reason some yoga classes require nakedness. Many also require you restrain your eating; so you are slender, which is pleasant to see by the other members of the class. They are not bothered by naturalness, which means sometimes the men have erections while exercising, looking at the naked women. Erect nipples on women is customary. There are sexual yoga classes where men and women practice sexual positions requiring great balance. The erect penis is appreciated by both men and the women, just part of the aesthetic composition when seen in photographs. The penis appears longer on slender men. There is probably no need to exercise within the spiritual, standing at the golden rail, looking around.

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