copyright 2015, CHRISTIAN ARTIST —————–
On a windy night Alandrax heard noices at her front door; so she got up out of her bed, while naked, and peered out the window towards the door. The noices became a knocking sound, louder and louder. Still unable to see anything, she went to the door and opened it only slightly, but the howling winds blew the door wide open. The gusts of wind pressed against her body pushing her backwards, but then as if the winds turned around within the house, pushed her outward into the dark moonless night. She was forced, almost into a run, down the main road out of the village and towards the foothills, where she prayed everyday. As she ran her feet began to leave the ground and she was swept upwards into the storm clouds. Was she still asleep, was this a dream or a vision, she asked herself? She then felt the howling winds increase as she found herself above the storm, above the earth and into the universe someplace. The winds were being funneled into a cave, which pushed her down at the entrance. She began to crawl inward as the winds rushed over her. The cave was endless and was alive with pulsating blood within its walls. Suddenly, she saw images, as videos, overlapping each other, partially on the walls, but extending outward towards her. They were scenes from earth, about the horrors about to happen, but Christ was in the midst with his hands outward receiving those who wanted to be saved, but there were very few going towards him. She reached out to Christ’s hands and was saved. She then found herself awake and in her bed within her old
adobe home, feeling content, peaceful, enriched, fulfilled and full of love. The next day she left her house and began ministering to the needs of the people around her, still feeling the howling, saving winds of God.

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