copyright 2015, CHRISTIAN ARTIST —————–
Janzine Jojola was now grateful she still lived in the village. At Christmas time they still worshiped God in the traditional way. She painted pictures of the Holy Family at the Church. “Outsiders couldn’t accuse them of being Godless people, which gave them the excuse to harm them.” The Church was important and swirled within the center of everyone’s life. She could see how evil people looked for villages and cities where God was ignored or rejected and brought grief into their lives. Janzine prayed every morning for God to watch over them and protect them from evil within the village. She thanked God for their health and for her beautiful body, which she was looking at in the mirror, and asked God how he wanted her to share her body and energy with others. She thanked God for her sexualty, which allowed her to show affection to others, mainly through the nurturance of partially revealing her breasts, her softness and her gentle caresses. She had discovered the unity of spiritual love and sacrifice and her sexuality.

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