ART LIGHT ——————-

copyright 2015, CHRISTIAN ARTIST —————–
Some are drawn towards the intense “art light,” unique personal expression. It is a different spiritual and physical experience. As soon as money is involved the “real” light is extinguished, for the title of professional. The true artist lives and stays within the realm of light, color, shape, texture, line and point and works with these elements to express heart, soul and mind. When the spiritual of the Trinity is included, great depth of feeling and thought is stimulated and is unending. The attraction of creativity draws many people inward. Those with receptive inquisitive minds discover the essense of being human and allow themselves to be the subject of art as they draw and paint images of others, naked, to reveal themselves and to know themselves. They partake and become part of creation, they become art as God created mankind as his art or workmanship. The visual arts are difficult to express verbally because they are about feelings. People are drawn in by what they feel within art. Study the “art light” and “see and feel” the light, shape, line, color and texture. When artists look at the naked human body, they see the inner and outer light, shape, line, color and texture, from spiritual to physical and sexual. Come in and partake of the “art light.”

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