TODAY’S MUSE ——————-

copyright 2015, CHRISTIAN ARTIST —————–
Within a flood of light comes my muse today, within a spiritual structure of colors and shapes. The woman, from Greek and Roman mythology, is the source of inspiration for the creative artist. The young slender naked woman is most nurturing and inspiring for me within the arts, as many of my posts have revealed. She combines for me the spiritual heavenly purity and the earthiness of the physical sexual. Every muse is different for the artist they inspire, and even different day to day. My sister, Connie, just sent me, by email, pictures of a bobcat that visits her bedroom window and also comes for a drink of water from a concrete bowl. She took a nap on the patio and then meandered cautiously back into the wilds. Cats are our muses too, bringing beauty, love and comfort into our lives. Today, my muse has a tight white dress and red heels, to go with the bright white light and red shoes to repeat the red passion shape.

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