copyright 2015, CHRISTIAN ARTIST —————–
And God wanted to reveal himself; so he created Creation, as recorded in Genesis. And he created light within the dark void as with all artists/creators. He then worked with line, shape, color and texture. And finally brought all types of life into his creations until the earth was prepared for the human creature. They were made in his image, wanting to reveal themselves and to also be expressively creative. Humanity needed to be purified to be with God for eternity; so God sent his only Son to sacrifice his human blood to wash away their sins. God revealed through his son all the aspects of life from the spiritual to the emotional to the intellectual to the social to the physical and sexual while naked on the cross. All those accepting God’s gift are saved for eternity to be with God, the ultimate Creator. We all witness people trying to reveal themselves on the Internet, through selfies if nothing else, and expressing their creativity on websites, as this one. We are made in the image of God, proof of the existence of God is that we are creators also of families and other creations, continuing on the “creative sequence.”

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