copyright 2015, CHRISTIAN ARTIST —————–
She worked with her art to express her moods, whether a sunny flower still life or the darkness she felt within herself and the world. We took short trips together to Taos, Santa Fe and occasionally camp outs under the stars. We were both into the aesthetics of thoughts and actions, which meant after we agreed on a script of behavior, organized before we left, we played the roles of our deep inner needs and desires during the trip. She was romantic and a vixen, dressing appropriately for walks through the galleries or nitetime meanderings through her sexual moods, revealing her breasts in shadowed corners. That was the purpose of our travels, to reveal our inner thoughts and feelings through creative expressions of clothes and behavior. We teased and tantalized each other on the streets or in the motel rooms, but after a while neither of us were acting anymore and the city buildings and trees in the forest at night were dramatic art stages for our human performances. We entered the old churches and prayed at the candle lit altars. The sky darkened red and Ravens flew from the distant corners of the sky, she stripped her clothes off and screamed at creation. She would run across the meadow and finally fall to the ground and stare up at the stars. I would caress her, both of us feeling and enjoying her spiritual and sensual moody beauty.

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