copyright 2015, CHRISTIAN ARTIST —————–
I was shocked when I saw Alandrax’s latest painting. We hadn’t seen each other in many years and so much had happened in both of our lives. Losses of friends, family and pets brought her to paint this picture. It was a cloudy day watering down the view of the mountains. I was so accustomed to seeing a dynamic artist painting dramatic images, but all had changed now. She told me about her latest losses in a whisper. I sat close to her on her bed just to hear her. When our bodies touched and our fingers intertwined, she shivered in anxious contact, beginning to cry happy tears for the human touch. We quietly hugged each other for a long time. Then she said, “I want to be closer to you and feel my body against yours” as she began unbuttoning my shirt, but her fingers were too shaky. I asked, “are you sure?” She nodded and tried again, this time with more steadiness. She looked up at me with invitation; so I began unbuttoning her blouse. We had posed naked for each other’s artwork many times, but this was different. Her breasts looked softer now as she took my hand and placed it on her left breast, her silver cross under my thumb that hung around her neck. She only had sweat pants on, which she pushed down easily with her panties and off her feet. Then she helped me remove my boots, jeans and underwear. She said, “your penis is limp, don’t I arouse you any more?” I told her quickly an operation had left me impotent. She looked sad, I guess hoping for even closer contact. We held each other close on her bed, our bodies touching everywhere possible. We lay in each other’s arms for a while, when she said “make love to me.” I began to tell her again of my operation when she said, “use your fingers and tongue.” All of my knowledge of creative aesthetics came into play as I loved her, as I had never artfully loved and caressed a woman before. Time melted away as we both enjoyed each other’s body. She was determined to create an erection and almost succeeded, with her fingers, mouth and tongue. After a few hours we fell asleep next to each other, and slept until mid afternoon when the sun came in the window and warmed our naked bodies. We awoke about the same time. She was looking into my eyes when I saw life, energy and purpose return to hers. She jumped out of bed, put a new canvas on her easel and said, “reclining nude” referring to me, and started sketching. “Of course, I’m making your penis bigger in my painting,” as she stood there naked. Her breasts were actually more sexy now since she was older, they hung down further, and she was still slender. I could count most of her ribs above her sunken in stomach. We were beginning where we had left off many years ago, but I was usually drawing her. The misty memories had faded, for the moment anyway.

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