copyright 2015, CHRISTIAN ARTIST —————–
Alandrax’s sculptured wooden headboard on her bed would shake violently sometimes when she was being penetrated and the crosses would noisily knock against the wood reminding her of Christ’s sacrifice when he hung naked on the cross. She couldn’t have sex without being reminded of the spiritual, which would intensify her experience even more, bringing together the opposites of life. By spreading her legs for the male’s long hard penis she thought about how God penetrated creation, bringing spiritual meaning and purpose into existence. It was love and sacrifice though, which led to the inception. She wanted to share the experience with me, but I was impotent; so she thought about it for awhile and then began unbuttoning my shirt. We posed naked for each other’s drawings and paintings many times and it always began with her disrobing me first; so I thought that’s what we were about to do. She moved close to me, her breasts touching my chest and whispered into my ear, “I have a way for you to enter me.” She pointed to a chair across the room and on the seat was a strap on dildo. I shrugged away from the idea, but she then said, “I want to be with you so much, please consider this idea.” She stayed close to me and began unbuttoning her blouse as her perfume rose up and filled my mind and emotions with love for her. She backed away a little so I could see her breasts and erect hard nipples. She put my hands on her breasts as she pushed down her jeans and off her feet and then put my hands within her panties on both sides and said, “If you want me, push my panties down.” I couldn’t help myself and began sliding her panties down her thighs. As I moved downwards with her panties, my face came to her belly button, which had a stud with a cross inserted, which reminded me that I was sacrificing to give her the love she desired from me. As she stepped out of her pink cotton panties, my face was now by the sweet fragrance of her shaved slit. She then pulled me upward and over to the chair with the black strap on dildo. It was thick and about 8 to 10 inches long. She gently caressed my small limp penis as she placed the dildo straps around my waist and through my legs. She pulled the straps tight and fastened it together. She held my hand and walked in front of me so I could see her buttocks and anticipate penetrating her. She sat on the edge of the bed and stroked the long black shaft saying, “I wish you could feel this.” She laid back on the bed pulling me with her by the hand. She spread her legs and pulled the dildo to her entrance and said, “make the “crosses knock” on the headboard. I supported myself above her with my arms on both sides of and first slowly inserted the dildo to moisten it and then with all of my pent up frustration of not being able to enter women for so many years, I exploded, and I rammed it into her over and over as she screamed and held onto the headboard. “Penetration in creation is violent also, faster, faster,” she said, as the crosses of love and sacrifice banged against the headboard. I looked frequently at her face to see if this is what she wanted and she would open her mouth wide and tears ran down the side of her face. After all these years of sketching each other naked, we finally made love, with some help. The silver metal crosses almost sounded like church bells ringing as they hit the wood headboard.

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