copyright 2015, CHRISTIAN ARTIST —————–
With all the violence today and cold computer influences, escape into self expression. This was similar to one of Julietta’s first paintings, actual photo was by Connie my sister. I finally talked Julietta into trying art as a way to immerse herself into something uniquely hers and beneficial and fulfilling. She had memories of the cave paintings in northern New Mexico; so began with the orange sunset color that she saw reflected on the walls. There was always a hand print in such images, defining who did the artwork. Since she was a woman, she created a few female figures of various abstractions. As so many artists discover, being creative arouses sexual feelings. I was her stimulating art instructor; so she, of course, tried to entice me by pulling. her shirt off over her head, saying, “draw me into the painting.” As I was debating whether to include my drawing on her picture, she said, “I want all of me in the image.” She pulled down her pants and panties, with her back towards me, all at once and sat on the little chair by her prayer table. “Include the statues too,” she said. I told her I would lightly sketch her in, but she would need to finnish the painting herself. She began to feel the warmth of the spiritual/physical sexual beauty within herself, and came over to me as I sketched and kissed me. As I continued to draw, she placed her naked body next to mine, caressing me from face to abdomen and lower. Art definitely had distracted her from the world and local violence situations. I had been talking to her about a spiritual relationship with God; so she took my hand and brought me over to the prayer table, slowly removed my clothes, and then pulled me down with her to our knees and said, “teach me about prayer.” This was another true example of the combining of the spiritual with the sexual. She said, “I read that God walked through the Garden of Eden with Adam and Eve, and they were naked.”

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