copyright 2015, CHRISTIAN ARTIST —————–
The candlelight and dark shadows combined to silouette her long curled hair next to her breasts as we lay on her bed. Her nipples were erect as my hand touched her flesh. We listened to our breathing as it increased along with our heartbeats. The artist always wants to make love with his naked model who he finds so beautiful, but when two artists lay together the obsessions become magnified. She wanted to touch my hardness as much as I wanted to feel her softness. Artists want to explore and discover thoughts, feelings and reactions. What does a word spoken stimulate within the body, a feeling examined, forcing reactions. The touch finally realized after hours of study while drawing each other. Visual caresses while sketching, now becoming physical reality, the curves and the hardness of ribs flowing into the soft abdomen. What happens when a word, a feeling and a touch are combined? Soon, we both wonder how far we could push each other’s arrousal before the ultimate release would occur, or can we just rest, thinking about new approaches when we resume, which will continue the aesthetic spiritual and physical embrace. The artist analyses beauty, searching for the deepest essence. We both want the seduction to last forever, avoiding a terminal orgasm. God split his uniqueness into male and female so they would be forced to be with each other and learn about relationships, to share thoughts, feelings and touch. Sexuality was the greatest stimulator for finding relationship, and two artists were the most creative at doing it. Her sweat shirt, which was hanging on the back of a chair nearby stated on the front and back, “artists do it creatively.”

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