STAGES —————–

copyright 2015, CHRISTIAN ARTIST —————–
The force of the wind almost blew me backwards, it was so dense, I could almost use my swimming stroke. Each stage was different with various tests of spiritual, mind, emotions, social, physical and sexual. The Bible gives the basics on living, but then if you’re insightful, there are many stages of growth and development. Once you are aware of the stages, every thought and decision you make is important and also a test for everyone around you. Christians are not only being judged, but everyone around them in their reactions to the Christians. Everyone must go through these stages. People unaware of them are just falling further behind, as they value worldly things more or created things over the Creator. One of the first tests I became aware of was nakedness in the university nude drawing classes. How did I judge these naked people modeling for the students? Did I think poorly of them or was I grateful for their sacrifice? Was I too arrogant and full of pride to take my clothes off for a worthwhile purpose? Could I sacrifice myself as Christ sacrificed his dignity on the Cross, naked, whipped and insulted. Everyone goes through different tests depending on their uniqueness. If you’re not aware of going through stages of development, beware, your falling behind in your growth as a human being, which ultimately leads to eternal life with the Creator, God.

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