copyright 2015, CHRISTIAN ARTIST —————–
Both young women felt like they were living within a dark hole of loneliness, despair and depression, but they found each other at an art show and from then on lived within the stream of light. Both women had sexual and emotional abuse in their childhood histories. They distrusted men, which made it impossible to find a normal relationship with a man. When Jolie came back from seeing the rainbow colors in the clouds, she sat on the bed with Alandrax, who saw great beauty in Jolie’s face. They had shared their feelings with each other about men in the past and neither thought of themselves as lesbians. They just yearned for a loving relationship. Alandrax told her about sensitive men, which were capable of tender relationships, but they were hard to find. Jolie said, “you mean sissies?” Alandrax said, “well a few male artists she knew did seem a little effeminant, and some were impotent, but they were loving people, you can always strap a dildo on a woman or an impotent male. The conversation had turned sexual, which stimulated both women. They stared into each other’s eyes, measuring each other’s feelings, and then slowly moved closer and their lips touched. Pausing for a moment to feel each other’s soft lips, Jolie succumbed first and caressed Alandrax’s lips with her tongue, back and forth, and then penetrated Alandrax’s mouth. Alandrax responded and their tongues met and searched out their surfaces, which forced their swollen and aroused lips together. Jolie retracted for a moment to say, “Love me, please.” Jolie then placed her hands on Alandrax’s breasts, feeling her erect nipples through her blouse. She held the nipples firmly, squeezing them slightly, which stimulated Alandrax into passion, and she unbuttoned Jolie’s shirt. As they frantically undressed each other, Alandrax said jokingly, who’s going to wear the dildo? Jolie said, “I will” and went and picked it up from the chair. As she stood over Alandrax, who was laying naked on the bed, Jolie strapped on the dildo and tightened it firmly. As Jolie laid next to Alandrax, she placed her hand between Alandrax’s legs and felt her moisture. They caressed each other for almost half an hour while kissing, then Alandrax said, “now, penetrate me now.” This was a new experience for Jolie, playing the male role. She watched Alandrax’s body react and her facial expressions as she pushed the dildo deeply into Alandrax. It was a thick black dildo about ten inches long, which reached the limit of Alandrax’s channel. Jolie lightly pounded against her back wall as Alandrax screamed with pleasure and pain, tears ran down her face as they always did when she was penetrated fully. Then Jolie stopped at the back wall, keeping the pressure on, and said, “I guess I’m more of a male than you, I like being the penetrator. Jolie then collapsed next to Alandrax and they both slept for a hour. The question on both their minds when they awoke was, would they still care about each other after a sexual encounter. They both realized a true loving relationship would take time and care, after sex, or it would just be “lust.” They looked into each other’s eyes, with occasional glanzes at each other’s breasts, abdomen, slit and legs, touching and being touched. Alandrax said, “I like a senditive male, or as you say “a sissy” who uses the dildo on me too, impotent males make great lovers since their focus isn’t on orgasm. Jolie asked, “they never have orgasms?” I help him with an orgasm after I’m satisfied while he masturbates,” said Alandrax. Then there was silence, while each woman pondered what was next. Was what they had just lust or the beginning of a loving relationship? Jolie wasn’t spiritual like Alandrax and had learned to be tough in her attitude. Alandrax had pulled her into the “stream of light” from her darkness, but she needed to be independent. Jolie looked at Alandrax still lying naked on the bed, soft and vulnerable, what were her feelings?

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