copyright 2015, CHRISTIAN ARTIST —————–
From one mountain to the next is about 80 miles. It doesn’t look that far, but takes about half a day to get to the top of the distant peak. In a similar way it took a long time to get to know Julietta, a part Navajo, part Spanish young woman. We took this winter hike a while after the last storm; so spots of snow lingered in shadows and cool places. It’s exerting climbing up the side of the mountain, but the mutual effort brought us closer together. At times of rest, as we both gazed out at the view, and I would try and unravel her hidden personality layers as she would take off a few clothing layers to cool off. She had on a red sweater underneath her coat, which revealed the passion within. She told me she didn’t wear bras because she liked the natural appearance, do did I; so her breasts were softly rounded. “Natural” was the key to understanding her. If you’re going to spend the day with someone, you may as well discover each other’s uniqueness. Whenever I turned away and then turned back towards her, she would change her position, giving me a different view of her face and body. I quickly caught on and turned away frequently. She wanted to reveal herself, her way, some poses were simply beautiful, her face in the sun against the dark purple shadow of a granite boulder. Others were sexual, coming close to me and bending over, showing me the roundness of her buttocks, as she picked up something of interest on the ground. I discovered that what I said stimulated her actions. I mentioned some moss on the dark north side of a rock. She came over and looked, revealing her breasts in the darkness of her loose necked sweater. I asked her about what secrets about herself she might reveal to me, to get to know each other better. She glanced quickly at me in a suspicious expression, saw my open honesty, and said after a few moments, “I want to make love to people I like.” She then turned away embarrassed. I knew the “climbing the mountain” part of our day was over with that statement. We were sitting in the sun, warm and comfortable as I held out my hand to her to come sit by me. She laid down her coat on the ground near me and carefully sat down on it while holding my hand. I had simply wanted to hike with her because hiking is more enjoyable with a woman, slower, but more enjoyable, but the fact that we were male and female was more dominant all of a sudden. The day was turning sensual. She laid back on her coat in an inviting position, of look at me; so I did. I was being seduced by a slender beautiful woman. I wasn’t sure how far she was intending this seduction to go, until she reached over and placed her hand over the zipper on my jeans, and squeezed. With her left hand though, she pulled a silver cross on a chain from around her neck, and was fondling it. I wondered if she was aware of the opposite forces she was holding, sexual and spiritual. With her wrist, the cross holding hand, she rubbed back and forth over her left breast, which created a mini nipple peak on the sweater. The sun was warming us both beyond comfort now and she reached down to her waist and pulled her sweater up over her head, baring her soft sensuous breasts and abdomen. She twisted a little to find a softer spot on her coat, which was between rocks and then stretched out her arms above her head sinking in her stomach below her ribs. She then unzipped her jeans and pushed them down with her panties to her knees. “Masturbate for me as I watch,” she said, as she continued fondling her cross. I was relieved that she didn’t want actual sex. This was her way of doing something sexual and still holding onto religious guidelines. She was enjoying being naked in front of me, exposing most of herself, which meant she trusted me. When I hesitated, she rose up into a sitting position and unzipped my jeans and pulled them down with my underwear to my knees. She said,”it’s a good thing I didn’t want to be penetrated, your impotent.” She took hold of my limp small penis and testicles and massaged them, bringing my penis to a longer length. “Is it long enough to rub now?” She asked, and layed back down in her seductive pose. She turned her head towards me to watch as I rubbed my penis as I gazed at her beautiful body. “Will this relieve your tension of hiking with a woman?” She asked. I agreed. She then opened up and began telling me of some horrible experiences she had with men over the years, mainly rapes, which explained so much of her quiet behavior with me. Then she asked me to reveal some dark history within my life. I was quiet too long; so she reached over and grabbed my testicles as I rubbed my penis, and began to squeeze, “tell me or I will hurt you.” I told her about how my Mother asked me to pose naked for her as she painted pictures of the crucifixion. “How did that affect you?” She asked. I told her it had affected my entire life, including naming my website, artcrossnewmexico, and that I probably want to fulfill her desire by actually being crucified. She found this story arousing, mainly because of the New Mexico penitent influence of crucifixions, and began masturbating herself. “I want you to do this, I will help you and I will watch you get crucified naked.” We had created a bond between us. She began making plans for my crucifixion. This was just our first of many winter hikes, the scenario had been established for future hikes as we discussed what preparations and progress she was making. Later she created a picture of me crucified and showed it to me. It would be so painful, but we both wanted it to happen. She then wanted to re-enact some of her sexual experiences of her past.

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