DRAMA ————-

copyright 2015, CHRISTIAN ARTIST —————–
Drama exists on a hike in the mountains or looking at Lisa lying on her bed in a dark room with only a slit of the drapery open, illuminating her breasts, her side and a portion of one leg. We hiked together this day because of the drama of light and the force of the downdrafts from the thunderheads, pushing against us, feeling natures penetrating power. We looked up as the clouds moved quickly across the sky illuminating and covering in darkness the colorful hills ahead. We hiked up the hill shown in the photo, around granite stone, bushes and cactus, finally reaching the crest and experiencing the wind, which suddenly ceased. The quietness gave us a moment to appreciate the view and to thank God for his Creation. Then we heard the wind thundering up the canyon wall towards us. We hung onto a piñon tree branch as forces tore at our clothes and numbed our faces. We looked at each other and the passion of the winds stimulated our inner passions, which seduced us off the mountain and into her quiet bedroom, where I felt the drama of her darkness and light.

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