copyright 2015, CHRISTIAN ARTIST —————–
Julietta was raised to worship the mountains, similar to the Bible’s verse to “look to the hills from whence cometh your strength.” She would run the trails along the foothills in the morning, filling her lungs with fresh air and stimulating her mind and heart. Her apartment was only a half mile from the open space and trail head. One of her favorite hikes was to one of many saddles of the mountains where a very old juniper tree had weathered the storms for many years, protected on the north side by large granite boulders. You can see the tree just the left of the lowest part of the “v.” She was a young artist, looking for the repetition of line and form with meaning and purpose. She was so tired of the shallowness of the society she witnessed around her. So many things were “not talked about” the unmentionables. When she saw how many trails converged at the saddle “v,” she made the association with the “v” she saw between her legs and how so many forces converged there. It seemed appropriate to have a cross hang from her belly button, just above the “v,” the spiritual above the physical and sexual. When she ran the trails she would wear short shorts to display the cross above her saddle.

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