copyright 2015, CHRISTIAN ARTIST —————–
Some hikes are so difficult in summer, with thick bushes, bugs, cactus and snakes, that the winter is the only pleasant time to take them. The water fall was sparse since the seasonal snows hadn’t arrived yet, but that was alright, the stream was easier to deal with coming up. Most of the leaves had fallen allowing a better view of the rock structures. It was relatively warm that winter day, which heated us up. When we reached the rounded granite rock, we shed the back packs, water bottles and coats. We thought we were alone, but heard voices up on the hill. There were two young men and two women basking in the view and sunshine, mostly naked, in front of their red tent. The baby face canyon had quite a story, I accentuated it so it could be seen better without branches. Everyone who came over the years added a version, religious and secular. We stayed until the shadows lengthened and then went back to the trail head.

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