copyright 2015, CHRISTIAN ARTIST —————–
Alandrax traveled to a nearby village where an old adobe church had large gothic windows. In the evening the sunset illuminated the building as birds of all sorts flew out of the windows to hunt during the nighttime. The sounds of the flapping wings of small and large birds created a strange Echo within the interior walls. As she approached she saw figures and faces peering out the openings. She was accustomed to the usual within life; so sought out this type of experience. She wondered as she entered the old church if there were any crosses remaing on the walls. Going to the alter, she lit the little candles for light. She saw immediately a small weathered wooden cross above the candles. When unhooking it from the wall, moanings filled the nave. She looked around, but didn’t see anything. She walked out the door with the cross as the Chantings followed her back home. She had made a “church box” with a round stained glass window on the back wall. There was an offering bowl at the base. Hanging the cross above the church box, she opened the church doors and invited the chanting spirits to live within it. She opened the doors during the daytime; so she could see the colored glass and she could hear faint chantings coming from within the church box.

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