Art work

The New Mexico Arts and Crafts Fair, Albuquerque, NM


Watercolors of Isleta Pueblo Church and Chimayo Church, 2 views of Ranchos de Taos and Las Trampas , New Mexico

Mirror image Photographs

Christian Images

Cloud formations


MINISTER OF CREATIVITY, copyright 2013 ——–

Just, not real great, photos of some of my old watercolors from the late 1970s and early 1980s.



9 Responses to “Art work”
  1. Kev says:

    Beautiful pics 🙂

    • “Thank you,” I do enjoy traditional realistic artwork, but am searching to find more creative avenues for my writing and visual expression. There are many realms of reality in life, it is up to the artists to search for them. Jim

  2. Connie Piche' Welty says:

    You are one of the finsest artists I’ve ever known and am so proud of you, brother. I love you so very much! Thank you for your comments to me posted today.

    • Thank you sister, but you have always been the better artist and if you don’t start your own web site, I invite you to include your artwork and thoughts on this site, artcrossnewmexico, for all the world to see.

      • Connie Piche' Welty says:

        Want to tell you how much we enjoyed your company yesterday, you and your precious Sharon. Thanks for the invitation. I just might send you some of my animal photos for this wonderful site. Love, blessings and joy!

      • Thank you for your comments, I will wait for your pictures. Connie lives at the base of the Sandia Mountains and has frequent visits from bears, mountain lions and coyotes.

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