THE INADEQUATE ORGANIZED CHURCH——————- JIM PECHA, B. ARCH., CHRISTIAN ARTIST MINISTER OF CREATIVITY, copyright 2012 —————–   Most people couldn’t care less about what the Church is doing; they wouldn’t take the time or make the effort to write this post. I care; so I’m taking the time and putting out the effort.   Eliminating … Continue reading


CHURCH —————- JIM PECHA, B. ARCH., CHRISTIAN ARTIST, MINISTER OF CREATIVITY, copyright 2012 —————- ‘Seek ye first the kingdom of God, and his righteousness.” Matthew 6:33 The above verse from the Bible gives us that ‘gestalt’ view of life talked about in a recent post. Church of the Creator, the way the Church was meant … Continue reading


By Jim Pecha, B. Arch. Christian Artist Minister of Creativity, copyright 2012 —————– The Bible suggests that we count the cost before choosing a relationship with the trinity. Of course, as a child we have no idea what those costs would be. When I went forward to accept Christ as my Savior at age twelve, … Continue reading

The Churches and Creativity

It is time for the organized Churches to grasp the fact that God is the Creator and works with creativity. Instead of adding more traditions, and rituals to fill their schedules, the Church should start addressing the problems of the Christians that make up the membership. Creativity as stated before is the study of relationships, … Continue reading


Separation is our primary concern. It is what stimulates our innate creative abilities, in a positive or negative direction. How do we regain relationship and togetherness? My Mother was raised with six brothers, which terrorized her life. When I came along she decided not to allow another male to escape punishment. I felt her anger … Continue reading


Sexuality was created by God; therefore it is good. As simply an artist in the past, my statement was “artists do it creatively,” but as an older  Christian artist, I would need to say “Christian artist’s do it insightful.” At the basic level of sex when your young, sexuality is simply physical. As you get … Continue reading

Freedom of Choice

God gives us freedom of choice. We can choose to be with him or choose not to be. I experienced many pulpit pounding preachers while attending church and none of them moved me to become a Christian or a better one. Anger only multiplies anger, The Kingdom of Heaven is a place of creative beauty … Continue reading


Existence…..We begin working with our innate creative abilities as soon as we come into physical existence. Our basic needs for nourishment activate creative responses. Those initial basic needs continue and expand throughout our lives. At first, we do whatever seems to work, as babies we cry and throw temper tantrums to get our needs met, … Continue reading


A well-known scientist once said, “I see no evidence of a Creator/God in the Universe.” I wonder what he would say when he attended an art show opening and only the artwork was hanging on the wall, ” I see no evidence of the artists.” The creations hanging on the wall prove the existence of the artist/creators, … Continue reading

The “Complete Concept of Creativity” versus Creationism

The Bible states that one day for God is like a thousand years for mankind, which is where creationism got hung up. I doubt if the word a billion existed back in Bible times or they would have used that instead of a thousand, which would have been more accurate. The Bible writer was simply … Continue reading