Dazzle was a beautiful feral cat. When he was a small kitten he was brave enough to come towards me. I encouraged his trust and our relationship developed. His brother “Razzle” never did trust me. He also had two sisters, “Smokee” and “Zode.” Smokee is still with us although she is recovering from a forehead injury. Dazzle and Razzle were trapped by an unknown neighbor along with about fifteen other beautiful cats. Zode disappeared earlier. I would hold Dazzle in my arms as I walked other cats on a leash that we kept in a cage. I couldn’t contain Dazzle that way because he enjoyed his freedom so much; so he only survived a little over two years. I caught and placed into the cage another feral calico female cat and I miss seeing her beautify the surroundings as she would sit on the fence, lounge on the green grass or simply walk pass me. I enjoy the cats that are free more than the one’s I’ve put in a cage to protect them.     See the post on July 18th about “Wild Cats” for the full story.

One winter, a couple of years back, the cats would eat and then search for places to wash in the warm sunlight sitting on the fence or in the mulberry tree. When I brought out the camera they seemed to know it was picture time and they would get into a pose. Mohawkee, on the left, I put in the cage, but she’s not happy in there with some other cats. Pawnee is still running free as far as I know and Razzle was one of the trapped cats and is gone. Cats are so smart if there is consistency around them.

Tappy and Footsy loved being with each other as kittens. Footsy disappeared, but I have Tappy in a cage. She seems very happy being protected from the rest of the world. The gray cats all seem to disappear quickly. He was a male; so probably went to find his own territory.

Daisy, we thought he was a she when he was a kitten because he was so beautiful, on top of Smokee. Sister Zodee looking interested about why Smokee is yelling, Dazzle appears concerned and Razzle looks disgusted. Daisy was the dominate male cat after his Father, Degas, left when he tired of the constant battles with other male cats.  Daisy was a lover.

    Daisy with another one of his lovers, Puddin. She was easy. Puddin was a great Mother cat and enjoyed raising kittens. She adored Dazzle, first picture above.

  Set a course for the moon, Mr. Spock. Oh wait, I’m Mr. spock. I have the pointy ears.

Rolling waves of cats. Left is Zulu, which you will see more of later, she is a character.

  Young feral cats huddling together on a cold winter’s day. I already have two large cages with cats I’m  trying  to protect. The top two are gone, one from an injury and the other”Pintabo,” disappeared. He also had vision problems. I brushed him every day because he didn’t seem to be able to take care of his grooming. The solid gray on the left, “Taos” is now a healthy male cat, The orange is “Gila” is doing fine and “Grayco” just had 4 more kittens. We couldn’t afford to fix all the cats, but we feed them and give them a safe place to live if they stay in the backyard. yeah sure!

   Wild  cat “Mohawkee” beautifying the unbeautiful. I couldn’t let anything happen to her; so put her in the cage but she’s not happy and I can’t see her roaming free.

  Nursing kittens artwork.

              Pictures of Love

      Degas’s photo shoot and the last time I saw Degas,


Noc and Fem in the yin-yang position

A red-tailed hawk flying over our backyard, a possible reason why some wild cat kittens disappear.


  Beautiful Chloe, left top, withstanding the cold winter winds, Right top, better times and below. being with obsidian and Rio, one of her daughters. Chloe got bit or was injured and I found her on the side of the house on her side. We brought her to the vet, but couldn’t save her. I buried her where she was sitting next to the rose-bush, so many sad stories with wild cats.

Mother cat “Puddin” teaching her kitten “Razzle” about fake blue mice.

Motherhood in the bush.


Actually the creations of 2 Mother Cats

  limited seating on a snowy day

  Jewel and Kasy, black and white cats. Why waste color on them?

   Freddie and Degas, Orange cat Degas won.

The dominant cat sequence in our yard was Wooly Wooly- female, Mesita-female, Kasy-male, Degas-male, Daisy (Degas’s son)-male, Splash-male, Doppler-male-presently in power.


“SOLO” and his Mother “QUOTES” and Aunt Smokee, last pic w/ Solo (the unloved gray cats find a home here).



6 Responses to “Cats”
  1. Pat says:

    Dear Blogger, I am writing to ask permission to use one of your photos — “young feral cats huddling” — in a feature article I am writing for the Charlottetown, PEI Guardian. The article describes the work done by the Cat Action Team of PEI, a nonprofit charity that attempts to improve the lives of feral cats by means of a trap-neuter-vaccinate-return program (I am Secretary of CAT and an active volunteer). We have pictures of some of own colonies, of course, but none of them seem to be of sufficiently high quality, according to the Guardian editors. At any rate, I would be grateful for permission.

  2. zedhed says:

    Dear Blogger, I am writing to ask permission to use one of your photos — the one of the feral kittens — in a feature article that I am writing for the Guardian of Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island. The article describes the work of the Cat Action Team, a nonprofit volunteer group that attempts to reduce the population and the suffering of feral cats by running a trap-neuter-return program. Our website is at (I am having difficulty persuading the cats in our colonies to sit still long enough to provide quality pictures!) many thanks for considering my request —

  3. Kev says:

    Beautiful pics. I love cats.

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