For many years I was hesitant and resistant to the idea of being a Christian since I was deeply into the fine arts and individuality was important to me, but having a relationship with my Creator simply completed me. Cezanne left some of his paintings unfinished and only he could complete them in the manner that he intended. It is the same with God’s Creation. If you imagine in the picture on the left that the left half is your physical, intellectual, emotional and social life and the right half includes all that’s on the left side but adds the spiritual. If you look closely where the two halves meet, there is a new creation which is only possible when the two halves are connected. And it is through the cross and Jesus Christ that brings the opposites together for a new person, a new creation. Sometimes in the image you will see a face or a figure that was not recognized before with only one half. Anyway, once I started creating mirror images, I realized that only through a relationship with God through Christ could I discover my real individuality and uniqueness. I actually found spiritual truth through my artwork.

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