Our spiritual condition changes day by day. While I was being emotionally abused as a child my spiritual condition was at low ebb. I was only a child and didn’t know what to do. The Sunday School I went to probably helped most. I was introduced to the Bible stories about people with problems and how they turned to God for help. I became a Christian at age twelve because I needed God’s help. I felt alone and punished within my own family because my parents would only talk to me to tell me what to do and to criticize me. I didn’t understand what I had done to deserve such treatment. The golden edge of that cloud that hung over me was that I was being forced inward to be more thoughtful and sensitive towards other things and people. Once I was cruel to a smaller kid and immediately didn’t like treating others the way I was being treated. I began searching for an understanding of life. It was a slow process, but as I look back at all those years of sadness I can see how I found a beneficial and creative understanding of life that I most likely would not have discovered if I had experienced a normal childhood. My souls condition today is one of thanksgiving and joy because God was with me all those years and as the Bible states, “All things work together for good for those that love God.”

    I sent this photo made from the one above, to my doctor along with blood pressure readings as the world’s first physical exam through artwork. I hope he saw the humor.

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