The Creator

    God is “The Creator” and as such, works with creativity. Romans 1:20 states that “the truth can be plainly seen by the minds understanding of created things.” We all have innate creative abilities, which enable us to see truth. Objectively observe your own thoughts and actions and what you see around you and you will discover the reality of creativity. When you attend an art show, you will immediately see the artwork/creations and the artist/creators. Occasionally an artist will demonstrate his or her processes. And there you have the basics of creativity: creator – process – creation. It is the only way the artwork or anything else comes into existence. Look around you, every book, building, car, plane, street, sandwich or painting goes through this same sequence of events. One or more creators combine their ideas, abilities, tools and materials with a process of actions that hopefully result in a creation that satisfies an original need or desire. Creator – process – creation is not religion, it is reality. Every time you make a sandwich or a painting, you prove the existence of God, the ultimate Creator, because creativity is the only way anything comes into existence. We are made in the image of God, which is why we are also creators working with creativity. Yes, evolution exists, but a creator must first initiate  an idea or an action before it can evolve. Our ability to create a good tasting sandwich or good work of art requires that we first as creators initiate an idea and actions to satisfy our needs or desires before our abilities can evolve and develop. I say again that this is not religion, but reality.

Once you realize that God exists because our innate understanding of creativity proves an ultimate creator exists, we can move on to a greater awareness of the creative process.

Scientists are discovering the creative energy particles as I’m discovering what stimulates those particles towards creative purposes. There is beneficial and destructive creativity. The creative environment that is conducive for beneficial creativity is one of caring, loving and healing. That environment can be created by people with tender hearts that, through experiences, care about something or someone “deeply” outside themselves. Destructive creativity is stimulated by just the opposite, those people who only care “deeply” about themselves or those they consider part of themselves. Both purposes can obviously stimulate the creative energy particles, but the world environment we live within depends on which purpose dominates.

I often wondered as a kid why the Bible said to work out your salvation with fear and trembling. Wasn’t God-loving? Now after reading the Bible more closely, as an adult, I understand. The Bible says that God created both good and evil, which only makes sense, since creation is complete. I’ve noticed in my life over the past twenty or so years that God allows evil into your life to help you find the path to him. Of course that only applies to people who love God referring to the verse that all things work together for good for those people who love God and attempt to do his will. Everyone else is at great risk, but I’ve also noticed also that the devil pretty much leaves people alone that are not attempting to follow Christ’s teachings, because he has a hold on your soul. The devil goes after those people who are searching for God’s purposes. I feel that first statement in my life now and then, that I’m working out my salvation with fear and trembling. I worry about self-righteous Christians that think they  have it all figured out.

2 Responses to “The Creator”
  1. Creation Admin says:

    Hello from the Creation & Earth History Museum in Santee, Ca. We are currently trying to connect with more Christians and creationists and grow our ministry. Please consider adding our blog, facebook page, and / or website to your blogroll or list of contacts.
    Thank you!

    • I praise your efforts and your belief in God, the Ultimate Creator. Your museum is fantastic, “but” I’ve climbed too many mountains and seen layers of limestone at the tops, which tells me it took millions of creative process years to create the earth and billions to create the universe. We are made in the image of God, which tells me the creative process is slow. To create the earth and heavens in seven thousand years would negate the process of “faith,” which God teaches us is part of the creative process. I must have faith over a period of time, which proves to God that I’m serious about my motivations. The Bible states that our sense of time is not his. If they had the word million and billion in biblical times they probably would have used those words to measure the creation timetable. Any way, God bless your efforts. Whether Creation was created in seven thousand years or twenty two billion years is not what’s most important, believing in God, the Father, the Son, Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit is what matters most. You have an incredible museum. Jim Pecha, artcrossnewmexico.

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