Z3 – The Complete Concept of Creativity

  All the primary colors are needed to paint a picture of these flowers.

The beginning ——-

“The Complete Concept of Creativity” includes all the aspects of life from the spiritual to the physical, from the unseen to the seen. It is the most logical,enriching, beneficial and productive study of creativity. To leave out any one aspect would be similar to an artist omitting a primary color from the palette, expression would be restricted. There are many partial presentations of creativity that omit the spiritual, for various reasons, creating a shallow experience. The spiritual adds meaning, purpose, direction and passion. I wouldn’t be doing this Internet site if I didn’t have a burning passion to do it, if I didn’t deeply care for my fellow human beings.

The Complete Concept of Creativity begins with a sequential presentation of the creative process just as an explanation of its internal elements. In reality, the creative process is highly complex and “chaotic,” which is the way it needs to be. There needs to be the possibility of surprising and random interactions within our minds, soul and emotions. The more knowledge, insights and emotions we can add to the overall kettle of cooking experiences, the greater the potential for creative expression. Of course, not everything that is created is useful, a “lot” of useless nonsense is also created, but you never know when it might turn into something of value.

Creation is complete, which means that the spiritual realm exists as well as the physical. The spirit is what stimulates our minds and emotions. A lot of people disregard the spiritual, but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist. Some acknowledge it but don’t realize the danger within that realm. God is spirit and it is only logical that there are other spiritual forces besides God. One spirit wanted to be God but was defeated and turned to evil. Both God and the Devil can whisper to our souls to come to them. The Devil wins as soon as you become distracted and turn from God. You’ve lost your soul at that moment to the devil. Eclectic beliefs make you think you’re being open-minded and modern, but the devil has just distracted you with a lot of interesting ideas. The bottom line is that the spiritual is a dangerous place without a guide to watch over your soul. Our creativity becomes activated at the spiritual level. Ask you’re Creator to complete the life he started within you and to guide your steps day by day. God is the “Ultimate Creator” and can stimulate the innate creative abilities within you for beneficial and enriching purposes. Ask God, right now, to be your guide in the spiritual realm as you begin this study of “The Complete Concept of Creativity.”

Existence…..We begin working with our innate creative abilities as soon as we come into physical existence. Our basic needs for nourishment activate creative responses. Those initial basic needs continue and expand throughout our lives.

At first, we do whatever seems to work, as babies we cry and throw temper tantrums to get our needs met, but that isn’t tolerated very long; so our innate creative abilities must find other methods. We can spend the rest of our lives finding tidbits of wisdom that will hopefully help us find ways to satisfy those many needs and desires, “OR” we can discover an overall body of knowledge that includes all the aspects of life in a logical, enriching and beneficial order. And that is “The Complete Concept of Creativity” of Creator – Process – Creation. As stated before creativity is chaotic and that’s  why it is important to have a singular focus to help us in the midst of the chaos. Have you noticed that people can be different, going their own ways until there is an emergency and then there is a common goal. In those situations everyone is focused on the same point, which unites all the differences between them. The same principle occurs in artwork, there is a purpose that unites all the various and differing elements within the painting, light, color, line, shape, form, value and texture. The unity creates the composition, which includes contrast, those breakaway elements that add variety and excitement and opposition, but are still subordinate to the overall purpose. If those elements that are too opposing they are eliminated. You are God’s artwork. Your life is the same, you can find overall unity by focusing all the aspects of your life on your Creator, but that doesn’t eliminate your own unique individuality.

Relying on tidbits of wisdom can get confusing because they frequently contradict each other, but for a while when your young and still searching for knowledge and different experiences, it’s normal. When you tire of all the ideas that only sometimes work, there is a body of knowledge that works all the time.

We rely on our human relationships to satisfy our needs and desires, but people will sooner of later let you down, because there is a built-in conflict between your desires and theirs. God, your Creator has everything except  a relationship with you, his creation, and desires to complete the life he began with you, and to share his love and kingdom with you. The scary part of this life, whether you want to believe it or not, is that there are good and evil forces and if you turn away from God, you are allowing evil into your life. God can work with good and evil for your overall benefit if you turn back to him. All things work together for good for those that love God. Life is about learning creativity, which is about relationships, which is about combining and our ultimate relationship is with our Creator through his son Jesus Christ.


Separation is our primary concern. It is what stimulates our innate creative abilities, in a positive or negative direction.

How do we regain relationship and togetherness?

My Mother was raised with six brothers, which terrorized her life. When I came along she decided not to allow

another male to escape punishment. I felt her anger towards me and felt hesitant about talking to her,

which resulted in a slight speech stuttering problem. I remember hearing her talk about, divide and conquer,”

but I didn’t know what that meant as a child. She used my speech problem as a way to gain control of our family.

She told my family not to talk to me, but didn’t tell me of her directive; so I tried harder to communicate with them,

but they just stared at me. The rejection made my speech problem worse. I felt alone, punished and separated.

She did a cruel thing. She didn’t tell me what she had done until I was forty-eight years old. She continued her

assault on me by limiting the amount of food I could eat, which kept me

weakened and skinny. She said many times that her brothers had eaten her family out of house and home.

That wasn’t going to happen to her again.

I felt the separation from my family, but couldn’t figure out why I was being treated so badly; so I

listened to the Sunday School teacher about God’s love. I had a relationship with God from an early age,

which continued through today, with a few bumps along the way.

If I hadn’t found God’s love, I might have turned my feeling of separation into anger and struck back,

like so many young people are doing today in mass murders. Separation is a primary concern, which can

only be ultimately resolved with a relationship with God.

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